Graveyard Keeper

One of my most recent game pur­chas­es was Grave­yard Keep­er on Steam. Sim­i­lar in play style to a dark Stardew Val­ley. This sin­gle play­er game was rec­om­mend­ed to me by a friend and it does seem to scratch the itch the itch for a game with craft­ing / build­ing ele­ments. I’ve not got­ten very far into it as of yet so I still have sev­er­al aspects of the game I need to unlock. There could be a bet­ter tuto­r­i­al on tech­nol­o­gy selec­tion and cook­ing but I’ve had fun with it so far. Dif­fer­ent events occur on the dif­fer­ent days of the week and the day and night cycle has NPCs and mon­sters to appear in dif­fer­ent areas.

The sto­ry starts with your char­ac­ter head­ing home and end­ing up in an acci­dent only to find your­self in a mist filled area with some­one telling you that you are to be the new grave­yard keep­er and to dig up Ger­ry, a skull, for help before you can get home. You then wake in a small cab­in just out medieval vil­lage near a poor­ly main­tained grave­yard and a church.  The Bish­op is the first human to greet you and prompt­ly tells you how much of a mess the grave­yard is and he refus­es to pro­mote you to a pri­or until its tak­en care of. The oth­er vil­lagers for the most part seem pleased about your arrival and some are even help­ful in pro­vid­ing you with basic equip­ment and quests.  This type of game would not be com­plete with­out some farm­ing ele­ments. There is an area that crops can be plant­ed just out­side your cab­in and from what I’m told a steady sup­ply of car­rots will be nec­es­sary lat­er in the game.  I’ll com­ment fur­ther once I’ve pro­gressed fur­ther and done some explo­ration of the dun­geon I’ve yet to unlock.

Tsargoth Runeclaw

Worn and slightly damaged waffle dragon with a strange appetite for birbs. Use only as directed.

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