My go-to game for destress­ing tends to be Minecraft. I do my own cus­tom mod backs often based on exist­ing Feed The Beast packs with sev­er­al changes. This time around I’m doing a Pix­el­mon pack. If you are not aware of Pix­el­mon its Minecraft in a world pop­u­lat­ed by Poke­mon instead of the nor­mal minecraft mon­sters. I’ve threw in a cou­ple of oth­er mods for dec­o­ra­tion, some mag­ic for tele­por­ta­tion, Some machines and some addi­tion­al tools.

The pack is in the test stage right now as I tweak things to make sure they work. Mods may still be added or removed but if any­one is inter­est­ed in join­ing in please do give me a poke.

Tsargoth Runeclaw

Worn and slightly damaged waffle dragon with a strange appetite for birbs. Use only as directed.

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