Its been a while since I’ve post­ed much or been very social. Its a long sto­ry, some of which I’ll be post­ing about short­ly with the appro­pri­ate pri­va­cy set­tings enabled. Should you be curi­ous and you’re some­one I do know please do sub­scribe so I can flag you for access to my more pri­vate posts.

I’ve been in a funk late­ly… Over stressed for rea­sons I can’t get into on some­thing quite so pub­lic. My main cre­ative out­let recent­ly has been Minecraft with a new Mod­pack for ver­sion 1.12.2. While it does have some sta­bil­i­ty issues occa­sion­al­ly it does work and there are a few friends active as well. I’ve also man­aged to get into a bi-week­ly Pathfind­er game on Roll20 which I’ll also be post­ing about short­ly too.

There have also been a cou­ple of pieces of art I got recent­ly. I’ve post­ed about the night­fury already but there are others. 

Any­how I’m hop­ing this will be a start of more reg­u­lar posts. Again, please do sub­scribe for access to the oth­er con­tent… Its my way of keep­ing it at least semi-private.

Tsargoth Runeclaw

Worn and slightly damaged waffle dragon with a strange appetite for birbs. Use only as directed.

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