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I’ve been want­i­ng to work on some sto­ries with Tsar­goth. The MMO Istaria is typ­i­cal­ly where I’ve done such things in the past but the last time I’ve been on Istaria it has been fair­ly qui­et with the role­play oppor­tu­ni­ties rather lim­it­ed. So why lim­it myself to role­play­ing in Istaria? The answer is I shouldn’t.

So where if not Istaria then? Real­ly there are a few options. Games like Pathfind­er are cer­tain­ly one option. I’m in one game on Roll20 with a cou­ple oth­er Roll20 games hav­ing been put on hold. These are real­ly great but these games typ­i­cal­ly require new char­ac­ters and I’ve found they can often times end rather abrupt­ly. This has left me we a few char­ac­ters with­out a sat­is­fy­ing con­clu­sion to their sto­ries. With Tsar­goth being a rather devel­oped char­ac­ter he would­n’t fit well into this envi­ron­ment any­way. Con­ver­sion to Pathfind­er would be a night­mare and like­ly would have to leave out large sec­tions of the char­ac­ter’s knowl­edge and abil­i­ties as it sim­ply does­n’t fit in that game. GURPS how­ev­er would be a dif­fer­ent sto­ry all togeth­er.   Anoth­er option and like­ly bet­ter for work­ing with exist­ing char­ac­ters would be some­thing with a lit­tle less struc­ture. Some­thing focus­ing on sto­ry. There are Instant Mes­sen­gers such as Telegram or Dis­cord. Find­ing or cre­at­ing a forum for play by post. There are sev­er­al RP chat web­sites avail­able too. I’ve even con­sid­ered set­ting up my own MUCK. I real­ly like this idea but its real­ly a ques­tion of if its worth the effort. Its a great deal of work to build a world and con­tent and would feel like a wast­ed effort if no one ever real­ly sees any of it. Per­haps I should instead join an exist­ing MUCK? Or even return to Sec­ond Life if I could find an appro­pri­ate RP sim. Are there any sug­ges­tions for any of these that would wel­come a big gold dragon?

Still the free­dom of devel­op­ing ones own world is real­ly tempt­ing and I would wel­come the help on the devel­op­ment of a small MUCK should any­one be inter­est­ed. In the mean time I’m still hop­ing to work on some sto­ries with Tsar. To that end I’ve thrown togeth­er a few ideas that could work for some free-from RP with Tsar­goth. There are cer­tain­ly oth­er pos­si­bil­i­ties and I’m open to oth­er ideas.  I will say that my hope is for some­thing longer term and would be less inter­est­ed in one-off stories.

So here’s what I thought of so far: 

World Trav­el­ling – Tsar­goth reg­u­lar­ly explores places beyond his home world look­ing for a safer place for him­self and his fam­i­ly. He typ­i­cal­ly will find him­self on oth­er worlds fit­ting in the fan­ta­sy genre often accom­pa­nied by Aetas, Niicha, Sele­na, some of his imps, or oth­ers in his fam­i­ly if he is return­ing to a world he has pre­vi­ous­ly vis­it­ed. He will spend some time explor­ing the world and mak­ing con­tact with var­i­ous inhab­i­tants, dis­guised if nec­es­sary, Unless the world is very suit­able for his needs he is like­ly to move on after a short time. Some com­pelling rea­sons such as a plead for help may keep him longer. Friends he has made would be offered to vis­it his home­world and pos­si­bly stay should they wish it.

(Suit­able for: One-off ses­sions, Meet­ing new char­ac­ters, Sto­ries deal­ing with explor­ing, Gate­way to oth­er stories)

Slice of Life – Slice of life sto­ries would typ­i­cal­ly need to deal with mul­ti­ple char­ac­ters, pos­si­bly mul­ti­ple play­ers for any­thing oth­er than a one-off ses­sion. Tsar­goth, while not adven­tur­ing or need­ed for oth­er mat­ters with the war, would spend his free time in his lair in the com­pa­ny of his friends and fam­i­ly. His lair can com­fort­ably home dozens of drag­ons. The addi­tion caves just out­side would with some work each be able to house near­ly as many. While in many ways a very mun­dane sto­ry it could ulti­mate­ly lead to oth­er sto­ries. Some activ­i­ties at the lair include star-gaz­ing, sto­ry telling, train­ing in mag­ic or his­to­ry, hunt­ing games and play­ing in the snow, fly­ing, long walks, bridg­ing to oth­er stories.

(Suit­able for: One-off ses­sions, Large groups of char­ac­ters pos­si­bly mul­ti­ple play­ers, peace­ful and light heart­ed sto­ries with lit­tle to no con­flict, Gate­way to oth­er stories)

Com­mu­ni­ty Build­ing / Sur­vival – With so lit­tle luck find­ing any­thing suit­able in oth­er worlds the only oth­er hope would be to work togeth­er with oth­ers to for­ti­fy the area near his home, gath­er like mind­ed indi­vid­u­als build a self suf­fi­cient com­mu­ni­ty with the goal of build­ing strength and con­tin­u­ing to recruit oth­ers by any means nec­es­sary to resist the armies of the undead. This is in many ways sim­i­lar to the slice of life and could be pro­gressed from that start. The dark­er theme adds an ele­ment of wor­ry as to what may hap­pen if there defens­es fail. Char­ac­ters in this sto­ry would need to adapt to liv­ing togeth­er long term even if per­son­al­i­ties clash as the sur­vival of the whole depends on every­one work­ing together.

(Suit­able for: Large groups of char­ac­ters pos­si­bly mul­ti­ple play­ers, Threat of con­flict and con­stant dan­ger, char­ac­ter growth, per­son­al­i­ty con­flict and strug­gles in addi­tion to things list­ed under slice of life, Longer term story)

Explor­ing an ancient cave – Tsar­goth has been known to sleep for years as many drag­ons do. It is not unrea­son­able to con­sid­er that he may have acci­den­tal­ly slum­bered for hun­dreds or more years in his lair unaware of the pas­sage of time. His mag­i­cal alarms meant to wake him fail­ing for some rea­son. His fam­i­ly and friends may be with him or not depend­ing on exact cir­cum­stances. He may not even be in the same world he orig­i­nal­ly went to sleep in. A stranger finds a cave and starts their explo­ration, per­haps to hide, find shel­ter in inhos­pitable weath­er, or curios­i­ty. As they ven­ture deep­er they dis­cov­er a sleep­ing drag­on. This sto­ry could go in so many pos­si­ble direc­tions. Is this anoth­er world? Do oth­er drag­ons exist in the world? Is mag­ic known? Is Tsar­goth alone or is he in the com­pa­ny of fam­i­ly and friends? If this is still the same world what hap­pened to the war? Who won? What has changed?

Depend­ing on the answers to these ques­tions Tsar­goth may be in a very alien world pos­sess­ing very unique tal­ents. He and those that came with him may be the only ones of their kind. There is cer­tain­ly the poten­tial for explo­ration. Hid­ing their true nature may be nec­es­sary in which case they would need to find a place to fit in or pos­si­bly build a sanc­tu­ary. If the world is a hos­tile place per­haps fight­ing against those forces. There are real­ly too many pos­si­bil­i­ties to go into.

(Suit­able for: Large groups of char­ac­ters, char­ac­ter growth, Explo­ration, Any­thing is possible)

Ask­ing for help – This is most suit­ed to a one off ses­sion but it can lead to oth­er sto­ries. Tsar­goth is a priest. a heal­er, an elder drag­on, and skilled in mag­ic. Some­one may come to him to ask for help on any of the top­ics he is famil­iar with, or for that mat­ter some­thing he isn’t famil­iar with. He would do his best to help and depend­ing on the oth­er ele­ments may lead to oth­er stories.

(Suit­able for: One-off ses­sions, One-on-one char­ac­ters, Meet­ing new char­ac­ters, Gate­ways to oth­er stories.

A Return home – Tsar­goth in his time has both adopt­ed and sired many hatch­lings. Some of these hatch­lings have since grown and have their own lives now pos­si­bly hatch­lings of their own. Oth­ers may have left with their oth­er par­ent or a loved one, gone off on their own, or may have even hatched unknown to Tsar­goth. One or more of these hatch­lings may return to Tsar­goth’s home for a reunion.

(Suit­able for: One-off ses­sions, one-on-one char­ac­ters or larg­er groups, Light heart­ed sto­ries, Gate­way to oth­er stories.)

Tsargoth Runeclaw

Worn and slightly damaged waffle dragon with a strange appetite for birbs. Use only as directed.

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