Artwork Raffle Idea

With the new year com­ing I’m con­sid­er­ing spon­sor­ing an art­work raf­fle. Should I do this I would pay an artist a fixed amount for art­work with one of my char­ac­ters in a ful­ly ren­dered scene. The exact details are up in the air at the moment as is the char­ac­ter to be used. 

Before I can do this I’d need to deter­mine exact­ly how much to set aside and ulti­mate­ly that depends on the char­ac­ter used and the scene.

So I am ask­ing the fol­low­ing two ques­tions. Which char­ac­ter should the art­work fea­ture? And what matu­ri­ty rat­ing should the scene be?

Vot­ing to be closed ear­ly morn­ing on Jan­u­ary 5th, 2019. At which point I will engage an artist about the raffle.

This poll is no longer accept­ing votes

Which character should be featured in the raffle idea?
44 votes · 44 answers

This poll is no longer accept­ing votes

What Rating should the artwork be?
46 votes · 58 answers


Note: Cer­tain char­ac­ters would not appear in any NSFW art­work. Oth­er char­ac­ters would only appear in NSFW art­work match­ing their ori­en­ta­tion. E.g. Tsar­goth would not appear in M/M artwork.


Tsargoth Runeclaw

Worn and slightly damaged waffle dragon with a strange appetite for birbs. Use only as directed.

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