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Alright, so I’ve been exper­i­ment­ing with sev­er­al tweaks around the site in the past month. The first, I removed the head­er bar from the home page. It isn’t all that nec­es­sary there and I think I like the how the page looks bet­ter now. On the oth­er pages with this head­er a basic menu has been added to eas­i­ly nav­i­gate the pages of the site.  Dis­cord and Telegram inte­gra­tion, pre­vi­ous­ly men­tioned, are work­ing won­der­ful­ly. A Dis­cord wid­get now appears on the home page for non-mobile vis­i­tors allow­ing peo­ple to join my Dis­cord serv­er.  Oth­er tweaks include chang­ing some of the light­box effects. Adding bor­ders to the images, exper­i­ment­ing with polls and gal­leries, and minor lay­out tweaks to the mobile ver­sion of the site. 

All-in-all I’m very pleased with how the site is turn­ing out. While its by no means excep­tion­al I do find the site graph­i­cal­ly pleas­ing, at least in a sense that its far bet­ter than I expect­ed I could do.  All of this has had me start work­ing on an old project using what I learned here. Who knows where it will go. It may not go any­where as it is an ambi­tious project. If and when it gets to a point where it is usable I will be shar­ing the results here. For now how­ev­er, it will remain just anoth­er experiment.

Tsargoth Runeclaw

Worn and slightly damaged waffle dragon with a strange appetite for birbs. Use only as directed.

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