Happy New Year 2020

Would you look at the time again. 2020 already. It was­n’t that long ago in 2019 when I said I’d be updat­ing more often and I’ve fall­en behind again. My FA has­n’t been touched in a year and there are things I’ve not post­ed that I should have here. Char­ac­ters not yet list­ed, new art­work that should be post­ed and just gen­er­al things going on.

On a gam­ing front I’ve been peek­ing at Élite Dan­ger­ous, Colony Sur­vival, and of course Minecraft again but not very exten­sive­ly in any of them. More Minecraft than any­thing and even that has­n’t got­ten the most atten­tion. As often is the case when work­ing in the IT field com­put­ers aren’t the most fun dur­ing my lim­it­ed free time.

My Sun­day PonyFind­er game has been going pret­ty well, although the sched­ul­ing had been dif­fi­cult dur­ing the hol­i­days. The most recent ses­sion had most of the par­ty suf­fer­ing from a curse that seems to have few par­ty mem­bers that have man­aged to resist the effects almost wish­ing they had­n’t. I sus­pect there will be more fun on that to come. 

My oth­er games where I’ve been a play­er have had some set­backs. I’ve resigned from The Odd Kids game on Fri­days to join a Rifts cam­paign. Isn’t just the way things go that I got a bunch of art of that char­ac­ter only to have things change like that. The game I’ve tried to join on Wednes­day has had its own sta­bil­i­ty issues as has the one on Sat­ur­day morn­ings. My best option for gam­ing seems to come back to run­ning a game myself which I’ve been doing some prep work on doing. The first ses­sion is meant to be on Jan­u­ary 11th, 2020 but I may set it back as not all play­ers are ready yet. More on that later.

Its near­ly time to get back to work. More updates to come on many top­ics as well as “new” char­ac­ters and art. 

Hap­py New Year!

Tsargoth Runeclaw

Worn and slightly damaged waffle dragon with a strange appetite for birbs. Use only as directed.

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