Aryduningeir Runeclaw

Species: Dragon

Gender: Female

Special Features: Magic (Limited), Quadrupedal / Feral, and Shapechanger (Skilled)

Golden dragoness with light, creamish white, belly scales. She has a number of darker almost copperish spots along the the upper parts of her legs and along the base of her tail. She is clearly the child of her parents with physical traits similar to each of them.

Her cream belly plates do well to hide her sex from plain view. Upon arousal her sex would become puffy pushing aside the plates to reveal the opening. Sufficiently parting her hind legs would similarly reveal her intimate flesh. 

The scent of her sex and arousal is vaguely similar to cinnamon spice. Those breathing in the scent and genetically compatible would find the scent intoxicating, reducing inhibitions and heightening arousal.

Special Breeding Considerations

Any children resulting from a union with Aryduningeir would be excessively spoiled by their grandfather Tsargoth

Sexual Orientation & Deviances
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Roleplay Ideas
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Artwork (Non-canon)

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