Banendeem Runeclaw

Species: Dragon

Gender: Female (Preferred)

Special Features: Magic (Skilled), Quadrupedal / Feral, and Shapechanger (Skilled)

Golden Dragoness in the western style with creamish colouring belly scales and dark flecks throughout her golden scales. Her eyes are a pale gray. Like her parents she has both horns and earfins. She is roughly the same size as Tsargoth running nine and a half meters tall and thirty seven meters long including her longer prehensile tail.

Banendeem is able to adjust her size at will and is able to reduce herself up to 80% in size. She is able to make several cosmetic changes, varying the size of her horns, shape of her body, length of her tail as well as more intimate changes. While skilled as a shape and size changer she almost never uses this ability. She is quite happy as a dragoness with her natural appearance.

While she never demonstrates the talent Banendeem has fine control over her body to a degree that somewhat embarrasses her. She is in fact able to alter her gender between male, female, dual gendered, neuter, and even modify some of her inner workings to give her partner a very unique and pleasured experience. With this control she can effectively control her fertility and verilty. She believes that she would be able to fertilize herself if she so desired (As well as thinking of some rather pleasurable ways how to accomplish this.) But has not as of yet made any attempts at doing so despite the temptation.

She primarily identifies as female rarely ever shown herself otherwise. The pink folds of her vent remain well hidden beneath her cream scales until the dragoness is aroused. Parting her hind legs far enough would also reveal her feminine opening. Her gifts let her vary the tightness, texture, temperature, moisture, and to some extent taste. Typically she keeps herself moist, silky smooth, a snug fit, with a hint of sweetness. As a male Bane would be able to alter the length, ribbing, knot, girth, texture, spines, and taste of her essence.

Special Breeding Considerations

Bane is able to change her gender as needed. Bane may enjoy intimacy with others but she’s unlikely to have children with just anyone. Any children Bane has would be spoiled by Grandpa Tsar

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