Species: Dragon

Gender: Female

Special Features: Magic (Skilled), Quadrupedal / Feral, and Shapechanger (Limited)

As her original half-elf self Dalla did not inherit the physical beauty common among most elves taking more after her high-man parent. Her hands and feet were quite large for her size with her hair being rather dark.

As a dragon her body is more proportional retaining her dark hair colouring as fur and feathered wings.

Special Breeding Considerations

Her offspring would likely be very adept at magic. At this time she isn’t interested in more offspring. What’s in it for her?

Sexual Orientation & Deviances
Favored Quotes and Sayings
Education & Occupation
Places of Note
Items of Note
Roleplay Ideas
Stories of Note (External Links)
Family, Current and Former Relationships, and Friends


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