Species: Gryphon

Gender: Female

Special Features: Construct, Quadrupedal / Feral, and Shapechanger (Limited)

While her origins are more than a little unusual Kiffy’s physical description very closely resembles that of a traditional gryphon (Eagle/Lion) with slightly different coloring . Her feline fur is a lighter gray with her bird feathers being a very dark gray bordering on black. She has a yellowish eagle style beak and similar fore claws.

While Kiffy appears to be a gryphon she is actually a magical construct. As such she is not biologically compatible with most other natural beings. Strangely enough her children with Javvek are compatible with pure gryphons.

Special Breeding Considerations

Kiffy’s biology is more than a little unusual. It would take an equally unusual partner for her to have offspring. Any children would be very magical in nature likely having unusual natural powers ranging from teleportation, telekinetic, elemental control, invisibility, or really anything. Should they inherit their mother’s nature they would be drawn to bonding with some other individual as they grow whom they would then serve from then on as a familiar of sorts with a permanent telepathic bond.

Sexual Orientation & Deviances
Favored Quotes and Sayings
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Places of Note
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Roleplay Ideas
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Artwork (Non-canon)

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