Species: Fox and Kitsune

Gender: Male

Special Features: Construct, Magic (Limited), Quadrupedal / Feral, and Shapechanger (Limited)

Nigasu or Niichan to his friends has many forms but most commonly appears as a quadrupedal two tailed orange fox with blue eyes. While technically Niichan began his life as an ordinary fox his forced mutation and integrated technology qualify him as a construct. There is more artificial then natural to his being.

None that he is willing to share.

Special Breeding Considerations

This naughty fox would be all to happy to sire children. He’s just not likely to stick around to see the result. Strange powers are possible including teleportation, self reincarnation, dimensional gateways, illusions. In a sense the father is a god he just doesn’t know it yet. 

Sexual Orientation & Deviances
Favored Quotes and Sayings
Education & Occupation
Places of Note
Items of Note
Roleplay Ideas
Stories of Note (External Links)
Family, Current and Former Relationships, and Friends


Artwork (Non-canon)

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