Seliniea, The Brilliant

Species: Dragon

Gender: Female

Special Features: Divine Caster (Skilled), Elemental, Quadrupedal / Feral, and Shapechanger (Limited)

A small short dragon just a touch over three and a half feet tall. Its scales are the colour of flame alternating between shades of red, orange and yellow even giving off light as if it truly where made of flames. Its eyes are golden with the iris slit appearing to be a flame.  A pack is at its side.

Special Breeding Considerations

Any offspring as a hybrid solar dragon would have a strong connection with the sun, light, and life in general and to a lesser extent fire. The child would likely have exception night vision even to the point of seeing clearly in magical darkness. Auras of healing are possible as is the potential for interstellar flight.

Sexual Orientation & Deviances
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Education & Occupation
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Family, Current and Former Relationships, and Friends


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