Thanisis Runeclaw

Species: Dragon

Gender: Male

Special Features: Magic (Skilled) and Quadrupedal / Feral

Adolescent silver dragon with some gold markings along his legs. His tail is exceptionally long, one and a half times his body length. He has short white hair along his head traveling half way down his neck. Green cat like eyes with two black horns just above his ears.

The belief that ones tail is directly proportional to ones endowment is very true in Thanisis’s case. His dragonhood is long and thick at the base tapering off near the tip. Thanisis is a very virile young dragon although he is yet to father any young. When brought to climax Thanisis doesn’t simply fire ropes of his seed but rather what feels like pressurized streams. Given a smaller or even equal sizes partner this would likely cause some bulging due to sheer volume of his essence.

Special Breeding Considerations

Thanisis much like is father is extremely virile.  Should the mother be capable multiple pregnancies are likely. Grandpa Tsar would be proud and very likely to be involved in the lives of any hatchlings.

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