Tsargoth Runeclaw

Species: Dragon

Gender: Male

Special Features: Magic (Skilled), Quadrupedal / Feral, and Shapechanger (Limited)

Tsargoth is a male ancient golden dragon, western style, with the apparent appearance that he was sculpted from solid gold. His eyes are cerulean blue and can be almost said to glow with an inner fire when eye contact is made. He has two white horns that extend just behind his eye ridges. Beneath his scales, including his mouth and tongue his flesh is a pink and soft. He tends to keep his tail curled never letting it stretch to it’s full length as he is somewhat embarrassed by it thinking it is far to short.

The dragon’s genitals are hidden beneath his scales in a protective slit. When aroused his knotted shaft of pink flesh emerges from the pouch beneath the slit curving slightly towards his body.

He produces a generous amount of natural lubrication, with the taste having just a hint of maple flavour, that serves multiple purposes. First the slick clear liquid reduces friction easing entry, moisturizing the soft flesh, and enhancing comfort. Second it lessens the sensation of pain without blocking feeling completely aiding with particularly tight partners, claiming his partner's virginity, or cervical penetration.  Lastly upon contact with flesh it tingles bringing alternating sensations of slight heat and a slight chill enhancing the pleasure.  This sensation may for some become somewhat addictive.

When brought to climax his dragonhood would eject his seed in sticky white strands. His seed is much like his natural lubrication in flavour and ability only considerably more potent. Additionally he is an exceptionally virile male able to impregnate females of other species including those of vastly different biology. Children from such bonding generally would not suffer form sterility that is common in mixed species children. Something in the dragon’s own biology, perhaps magical in nature, makes him genetically compatible with a large variety of other species. This also seems to shield himself and his offspring from suffering from the genetic complications that result with inbreeding in some species.

Special Breeding Considerations

Tsargoth loves being a father as much as he loves doing the thing one needs to do to be a father. His greatest wish is to have an exceptionally large family. Given that his world is dying due to the undead threat it is facing this is actually a rather difficult wish. Should he sire a hatchling/child they would likely inherit some of his draconic heritage meaning a larger body, scales and horns, and a draconic tail. Tsargoth has a strong affinity for magic and with the right pairings his offspring could result in children with exceedingly strong magical talents.  Given Tsargoth’s nature it would not be unexpected that any partner might gain a temporary talent for magic where one previously did not exist. Such things would wear off after a particularly large uses of the power of after several weeks.  Subsequent breeding would extend the time the power last but there has not been any in depth testing.

Tsargoth's partner be expecting young insemination from the gold will net the young a fraction of the temporary magical power given to the mother however in the case developing young this power would likely be retained permanently.  Additional mating with the mother while she is still carrying would continue to increase the young's magical potential.

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Please Note

For a brief period of time there was an experiment with Tsargoth having a hemipenis. It never felt quite right and has since been reverted for him to be his more traditional self. Some of the artwork below depicts Tsargoth with a hemipenis. While it is not considered accurate the general meaning of the artwork is still as intended and have been included here.

Tsargoth is not available for any mature artwork without express written consent. 


Artwork (Non-canon)

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