You are a furry?

I suppose I am in a sense but its secondary to being Otherkin / Therian as there is an overlap on parts of the community.  I have friends that consider themselves one or the other and often times both.  I do take an interest in the community but my role has been far from anything that could be considered active.

Why do you keep working on these sites and never update them?

In short, life happens. I start work with the best intentions and something comes up and I never quite get back into it. There is also a question of what exactly I am to blog about but this time I have some ideas that will hopefully keep me going.

Update: Over a year later and again I let this slip. Trying again~  Keeping things here upbeat can be tricky when you aren't really feeling it. Attempts at posts have slipped and crept into darker thoughts which I'm trying very hard to avoid. Those posts have been abandoned.

Do you rp?

I do. There is actually a section devoted to roleplay on this website.  I gamemaster a game alternating saturdays and play in a couple on roll20. I used to play games locally but schedules clash and things fall apart. I've also roleplayed Tsargoth as a character in the MMO Istaria as well as on occasion freeform roleplay in Instant Messengers. If you are interested please feel free to contact me and perhaps we can set something up.

I clicked a link to your website and got a 404 Error.

You likely followed a link to some protected content on the site. I can be rather private at times and some things I'm not comfortable being visible to just anyone. These posts are visible to registered users. Occasionally, mainly with artwork, I will post something to my locked social media that contain links to these private posts.

Do you want to get Art with my character?

Perhaps. Tell me about your idea and I'll be in touch.

I have a question that isn't listed

Please contact me and ask. I'll update things here.

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