You are a furry?

I sup­pose I am in a sense but its sec­ondary to being Oth­erkin / Ther­ian as there is an over­lap on parts of the com­mu­ni­ty.  I have friends that con­sid­er them­selves one or the oth­er and often times both.  I do take an inter­est in the com­mu­ni­ty but my role has been far from any­thing that could be con­sid­ered active.

Why do you keep working on these sites and never update them?

In short, life hap­pens. I start work with the best inten­tions and some­thing comes up and I nev­er quite get back into it. There is also a ques­tion of what exact­ly I am to blog about but this time I have some ideas that will hope­ful­ly keep me going.

Update: Over a year lat­er and again I let this slip. Try­ing again~  Keep­ing things here upbeat can be tricky when you aren’t real­ly feel­ing it. Attempts at posts have slipped and crept into dark­er thoughts which I’m try­ing very hard to avoid. Those posts have been abandoned.

Do you rp?

I do. There is actu­al­ly a sec­tion devot­ed to role­play on this web­site.  I gamemas­ter a game alter­nat­ing sat­ur­days and play in a cou­ple on roll20. I used to play games local­ly but sched­ules clash and things fall apart. I’ve also role­played Tsar­goth as a char­ac­ter in the MMO Istaria as well as on occa­sion freeform role­play in Instant Mes­sen­gers. If you are inter­est­ed please feel free to con­tact me and per­haps we can set some­thing up.

I clicked a link to your website and got a 404 Error.

You like­ly fol­lowed a link to some pro­tect­ed con­tent on the site. I can be rather pri­vate at times and some things I’m not com­fort­able being vis­i­ble to just any­one. These posts are vis­i­ble to reg­is­tered users. Occa­sion­al­ly, main­ly with art­work, I will post some­thing to my locked social media that con­tain links to these pri­vate posts.

Do you want to get Art with my character?

Per­haps. Tell me about your idea and I’ll be in touch.

I have a question that isn’t listed

Please con­tact me and ask. I’ll update things here.

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