Harvester Imps

Harvester imps are a species of earthbound purgatorial demon spirits. When a living person dies, their spirit is sent to purgatory to wait out judgement. Those who have no place in either heaven or hell are given a choice; to disappear as if they never existed, or to become a Harvester Imp, in which they will serve the purpose of maintaining the balance between good and evil among the earths living beings, but this eternal way of living comes at a price.

Harvester imps no longer has a sense of humanity or a sense of human morals or conciousness. They are husks of energy, and although fair and balanced by their very nature, they lack the ability to feel sympathy for their actions. After all, its their actions which feed them. Harvester Imps are so called due to their need to consume or “harvest” emotions from the living. They thrive on negative energy and emotions produced by the living, human or animal. They are always present in times of sadness, greif, anger, etc, and after a successful feeding, the Imp is left satisfied and the source of the negativity is left free of his or her harsh emotions. If not enough emotion is present for the imp to feed on, the imp will slowly wither away and dissapear.

Imps have recently taken to bonding to specific people in order to avoid withering away from starvation, and those they choose to bond to are stuck with their imp for life. In this way, they can either be seen as Parasites or Allies. To those that accept them and don’t resist, They will serve as obedient pets and allow their masters to live peacefully by consistently removing their negative energies until there’s nothing left behind besides the positive energy. They feed on this energy in various ways, all of which involve physical contact…this can be anything from a kiss, to a touch, to being held, to sexual contact. Imps who bond to living creatures do so via spiritual connection. As such, bonded imps are physically stronger and need not feed as often as their wild counterparts do. Being bonded to their Masters mind, they feed only in extreme cases.

Aside from an emotional outlet, Imps also serve as their masters voice of conscience. Being fair by their very nature, they tend to aid their Masters in tough decision making and allow their Masters to think logically more so than emotionally. They are highly intelligent creatures with a vast understanding of human language, although their natural tongue cannot be translated, but to a Master an Imp speaks clearly and precise as any human would. Otherwise, their language sounds like a series of clicks and hisses similar in nature to the sound a barn owl makes. Click here for an example. They also make a similar screeching sound when aggressive, only this sound is much more like an entire flock of barn owls screaming at the top of their lungs: Click

This screech can be easily heard from 50 miles away, and to any creature (aside from its master) within earshot, it proves to be a very deadly weapon. As such, Imps tend to avoid screeching as loud as they’re able to unless the situation is dire and their Master is in trouble.

Physically, Imps can range in height anywhere from 5 to 12 feet tall. They are neither anthro nor feral, they simply choose to walk upright and run on all fours. They are also very skilled swimmers. Their long lean bodies and sharp angled heads allow them to cut through the water just as swiftly as any marine animal. Once submerged, their legs and arms will sit tightly against their bodies and they swim by snaking back and forth in a similar fashion to a sea serpent or alligator. Their long, prehensile tails serve as a counterweight when running and a powerful rudder under water. Despite having some definition, most imps are extraordinarily thin. Some even appear to be emaciated, but it is simply due to their nature as demons. Imps are relatively genderless. Beneath their long pubic fur is a thin slit which also houses a penis-like appendage which they use to pleasure their masters, or the slit can serve as a vagina-like orifice which their masters can use for their own pleasure. Sex is one way an Imp can harvest emotions from their master, but they also mate with their Masters simply for the sake of mating and satisfying their masters needs just as their masters satisfy their need to feed. Imps do feel pleasure during mating, however the pleasure they feel during sex is merely an intense high from the overload of emotion they are receiving from their masters more so than legitimate sexual pleasure.

Imps have tiny mouths when at rest. So small in fact it almost appears as if they have no mouth at all. When aggressive or ready to feed, Imps mouths stretch back almost the full length of their heads into a fearsome and sinister grin, revealing a thick set of razor sharp teeth which lock together in a perfect scissor bite. Their grin is one of their most defining features, and the one thing that most people tend to fear most. No matter what, this grin always looks like a smile.

Imps can come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, coats, etc, but their more defining features are always consistent, these features being their sharp angled head, long tendril like ears and prehensile tail. Each imp that has been bonded also bears a symbol on their forehead specific to their masters at that present time. The symbol has the tendency to change as the imp finds a new master or as their own master grows and changes.


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