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Welcome to

This site like its past incarnations is a creative outlet for Tsargoth to practice his web design skills and a hub for his social media.

Here you may find some of his recent ramblings, details on current projects, links and things he finds interesting such as gaming, books, or roleplay, deals on things he’s considering buying or has bought, general status updates, a list of characters created or purchased and artwork, and on occasion a few rants. Occasionally there can be streams of what he is currently watching as well as simple opinion polls although this has become rather rare.

It is worth mentioning that being a rather private individual. Certain areas will be closed off to the general public. Access will the various sections will be granted on a case by case bases.  These private posts will be hidden to all but verified subscribers. This site is marked as 18+ as there is the possibility of posting of mature content particularly in the character section.  You have been warned.

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Warn­ing: Mature con­tent ahead.
(18+ Only)

Rants, ram­blings and oth­er things

Table-top, MMO, and freeform

Deals and Pur­chas­es

Things I’m learn­ing or work­ing on.

Video games, retro games, upcom­ing games, enter­tain­ment, and fun.

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